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Pharmacy Services

How Healthcare Providers Can Help

Help complete the circle of patient care. Despite the proper diagnosis and the most well intended treatment plan, many patients cannot comply and do not achieve optimal health because they simply cannot afford their medication.

So how can you help?

  • Donate your excess prescription samples to the Dispensary of Hope (http://dispensaryofhope.org/give-meds/physicians/). The more free donations we receive, the more people we can help (please do not include expired medications)
  • Have the patient submit our easy-to-complete application. This helps them get the medications they need as soon as possible, while establishing a direct link between your patient and our program for future prescription needs
  • Prescribe medications that are in our pdf Sample Drug Inventory or excellogo Safety Net Drug formulary. Drugs prescribed that are not on those lists are not available under the program but may be purchased at a discounted price. Sample drug list should be utilized first as it provides a NO COST option to the patient. Safety Net drugs are $1 or $3 per prescription.
  • Patients are charged $1 or $3 per prescription for drugs on the Safety Net List *Diabetic supplies (novolin insulins, syringes, test strips, and lancets are $3.00 per prescription*
  • Physician's offices may need to help enroll the patient in a drug company patient assistance program for long term assistance since sample drugs are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis 

Assistance through pharmaceutical companies?
Yes, this may be an avenue for your patients to receive medications direct from pharmaceutical companies free of charge or at a low cost. The application process can be tedious at times, so let us help you and your patient complete it. Contact us for more information.
What medications do you carry?
Please contact us us when checking to see what medications we have in stock. We do not carry all medications.