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Share Your Time and Talents

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Time and Talents
  • On Site Volunteers – For individuals willing to make an ongoing commitment to Saint Thomas Health.  Hospital need, your interest, skill set, and your availability will determine your service area assignment.  Our volunteers take great pride in what they do and having a committed volunteer community to support our patients, families, and staff is of utmost importance.
  • Junior Volunteer Program – This program is for young adults who are looking to develop an understanding of health care along with emotional maturity and compassion through serving others. During the summer months, they act as additional hospitality and clerical support to our staff, patients, and family with unique opportunities to observe healthcare in action.  Student Volunteers, ages 15-18, must apply to, be accepted, and complete the summer volunteer program prior to volunteering during the school year.  The Saint Thomas Health Junior Volunteer Application process opens March 1.   
  • Pet Therapy Visitation – Pet visits brighten the stay of patients in our care. Studies have shown that physical contact with a pet can lower anxiety, reduce high blood pressure and, in some cases, cause the release of endorphins--chemicals in the body that help to reduce the pain response. Only certified pet handlers and their animals may apply for this program.
  • Music Therapy Visitation – The purpose of this program is to provide appropriate, soothing music to our patients and visitors in an effort to help ease their stress and anxiety. This volunteer opportunity is perfect for those with a musical talent they would like to share, including those who work, but only have a limited time in which to offer their services. Hours can be very flexible.
  • Eucharistic Ministry -   As a Eucharistic volunteer, you will have the opportunity to complement the work of our Pastoral Care staff by visiting those patients who wish to receive the sacrament while in the hospital.  Pre-requisites for this position include kindness, positive attitude, genuine concern for others, of Catholic faith, and the ability to obtain endorsement from your pastor.  Volunteers needed Sunday through Saturday with flexible hours, preferably before 3:00 p.m.
  • At Home Projects – For volunteers who are unable to donate their time onsite, we welcome gifts for our patients and their families included knitted hats and blankets, cards, and prepackaged snacks to keep in our waiting rooms.  Due to our no solicitation policy, we are unable to include materials with donated items that promote or proselytize on behalf of outsize organization or religious affiliations.
  • Donations - If you are unable to give of your time or talents, you can contribute supplies needed for patient and family support such as magazines (no older than 6 months), crossword and other puzzle books, large print reading material, and knitting materials including yarn soft in texture.