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Pharmacy Department

Philosophy of Practice

The Pharmacy Department is responsible for assuring that patients cared for at Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital receive safe, effective and fiscally responsible medication therapy. This is accomplished through:

  • Optimized formulary process
  • Quality drug preparation/distribution systems
  • Pharmacist review of all medication orders
  • Pharmacist monitoring of patient response to therapy
  • Continuous quality improvement through reporting and evaluating medication related events


  • Hours of Operation:  24/7/365
  • Population Served:
    • Inpatients
    • Emergency Department patients
    • Same Day Surgery patients
    • All age groups
  • Practice Model:   While not mutually exclusive, Pharmacy Services can be divided into Drug Distribution Services and Clinical Services.  STRH Pharmacy provides these services using a centralized distribution process in conjunction with Unit Based Pharmacist practices
  • Distribution Services:
    • Technician driven with pharmacist supervision
    • Bar Code scanning technology used at every distribution step
    • Carousel used for inventory management
    • Pre-pack device for extemporaneous Unit Dose and bar code preparation
    • Sterile product preparation in 797 compliant clean room
    • Surgery dedicated Pharmacy Room
    • Automated Dispensing Machines
    • Electronic controlled substances vault
  • Clinical Services:
    • Nursing Unit based pharmacists
    • Pharmacy Consults
    • Patient education
    • Participation in interdisciplinary patient care
    • Drug information to health care providers