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Women's Care

Sleep Health

Sleep_HealthFor women of all ages, but especially those in or approaching menopause, sleep disorders can be a serious problem. Often the result of complex physiological or psychological conditions or hormonal changes in the body, sleep deprivation can affect your quality of life and lead to accidents or even death.

At Saint Thomas Health, we understand that each woman is unique and believe that her care should be the same. We approach each patient as an individual to determine the best course of testing and treatment.

In extreme cases, patients are referred to our Center for Sleep, where we utilize state-of-the-art digital equipment to help identify the sources of sleep problems and board-certified sleep specialists interpret the results and make treatment recommendations.

You don not have to suffer needlessly. If you are experiencing problems with your sleep, don’t delay. Call (615-284-PINK (7465) and schedule a consultation today.

Visit our Center for Sleep for more information.