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Women's Care

Pelvic Health

Your quality of life matters to you and to us.

Pelvic_HealthMany women believe that pelvic health issues, like incontinence and pain, are just part of growing older. The truth is you should not and do not have to live with these conditions.

Check your pelvic health symptoms

At Saint Thomas Health, we are dedicated to helping each woman suffering from the frustration and embarrassment associated with pelvic health disorders have a better quality of life. We understand the sensitive nature of pelvic health disorders and offer a comfortable, compassionate environment where women will be heard and problems successfully diagnosed and treated. We offer a full spectrum approach including medicine, non-surgical treatments, pelvic muscle rehabilitation, and surgical interventions when necessary.

Excellent outcomes can change a woman's life.

In addition, Saint Thomas Outpatient Rehabilitation offers Pelvic Floor Therapy for management of conditions unique to the male and female pelvis.  Call (615) 284-PT4U for more information.