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Women's Care

Perinatal Cardiac Clinic

Caring for women who have cardiac complications associated with pregnancy.

The Perinatal Cardiac Clinic at Saint Thomas Heart cares for antepartum and intrapartum women who are at high risk for cardiovascular complications related to preexisting and/or current co-morbidities. Our team of Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists and Cardiologists work together to develop a systematic, streamlined patient care protocol that offers each patient a comprehensive, individualized treatment and long-term education plan.

Nashville doctors link heart health to prenatal care - The Tennessean, 2/19/16

Perinatal Cardiac Specialists


Dr. Cornelia R. Graves
Maternal Fetal Medicine
Director of Perinatal Services


Dr. Stacy F. Davis
Director of the Heart Failure Clinic
at Saint Thomas Heart - Midtown Hospital

Patients to be considered for evaluation by the perinatal cardiac clinic, include:

  • Women who have experienced complications related to heart disease before, during and after pregnancy
  • Women who have cardiac complications associated with pregnancy, such as cardiomyopathy and aortic dissection
  • Women who have a history of pregnancy complications and need cardiovascular follow-up

For more information and to schedule a patient for evaluation by our perinatal cardiac specialists, please call the offices of Tennessee Maternal Fetal Medicine at (615) 284-8636.

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