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Women's Care

Pediatric Therapy

Our pediatric therapists help children with developmental disabilities improve their functioning, well-being and independence and provide a foundation for future development. Children may benefit from a combination of several therapies to address their individual needs.

Physical therapy can help develop a child’s gross motor skills, improving their ability to use large groups of muscles to sit, stand, walk, run, keep balance and change positions. Other issues that may be addressed are a loss of range of motion, flexibility, movement and coordination. Our physical therapists motivate and challenge your child to improve his or her functional abilities.

Speech/language therapy assists children with speech, language and swallowing disorders. Services focus on enhancing communication and feeding skills to the best of every child's ability. Speech and language therapists work on a variety of skills to assist each child in becoming a successful and confident communicator. Our experienced therapists focus on articulation and phonology, memory and organization, language, social communication and functional communication. Therapists also assist children with oral motor skills to enhance swallowing, chewing and eating skills.

Occupational therapy addresses fine motor skills, visual motor skills and self-help skills. This therapy helps children learn to process information from the five senses (i.e. sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste) in more manageable ways. Our therapists provide intervention and adaptations necessary to achieve independence within the activities that are part of their daily routine with families, members and others in their lives.