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Women's Care

High Risk Infant Delivery Care

For various reasons, some women’s pregnancies are deemed high risk, and periodically, infants are born prematurely or with other issues that need a special level of attention. For those infants and their mothers, Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital offers services to better ensure their chances for a successful delivery and survival.

Premature Birth Education, with Dr. Connie Graves

What are the symptoms of premature birth?

What happens if my baby is born too early?

High Risk Maternal Fetal Services - The High Risk Maternal Fetal Services unit consists of a state-of-the-art 21-bed antepartum unit with a dedicated antepartum nursing. The unit has been recognized for excellence in patient care and for creating a loving and caring environment for our extended stay high risk patients.

Perinatal Cardiac Clinic - The Perinatal Cardiac Clinic at Saint Thomas Heart cares for antepartum and intrapartum women who are at high risk for cardiovascular complications related to preexisting and/or current conditions.

Maternal Fetal Medicine - We have a committed team of maternal fetal medicine physicians who provide coverage and consultation of antepartum patients. For those patients who need the services of a larger, tertiary care center, we provide an active regional maternal transport service.

Perinatal Testing - Our maternal infant center offers perinatal testing services performed by maternal fetal sonographers who are trained to recognize fetal issues. The unit also serves to assist the maternal fetal medicine physicians in providing optimal management for our antepartum patients. Coverage is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dedicated Medical Specialists - The maternal fetal medicine physician may consult a number of dedicated medical specialists who have a special interest in pregnant women. This multidisciplinary team works together to provide the best outcomes for our high risk medical patients.

Neonatalogy service - The Beaman Neonatal Intensive Care unit is staffed with seven board certified neonatologists, who are present onsite to provide care for infants that may be born prematurely or with other issues that need a level of attention. Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital is the only hospital in the region with a dedicated neonatal transition unit to assist in identifying those infants that may have issues initially but are able to move back to being with their parents within 24 hours.

Perinatal Hospice Program - Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital offers a multidisciplinary team that provides care and comfort for families who deliver infants with known issues that are not compatible for long term survival.