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Wellness Centers

Tests and Assessments

Body Composition Testing

Available to members at no extra cost, the Wellness Center uses two methods to determine the percentage of body fat, the amount of adipose tissue, stored in the body.  To schedule a body composition test, call The Wellness Center at (615) 396-5500 or stop by the front desk.

  • Bio-electricalImpedance: This quick and painless process involves the flow of a small, harmless electrical signal.  Based upon the principle that the resistance to an applied electric current is inversely related to the amount of fat-free mass within the body, bio-electrical impedance estimates the fat-free body mass and, by difference with body weight, body fat.  This method does not take into account the location of the body fat.  People with pacemakers should not use bio-electrical impedance to measure body composition.
  • Skin-foldMeasurements: This process involves the estimation of body fat by skin-fold thickness measurements using calipers.  Skin-fold measurements are obtained by pinching the skin and the underlying adipose tissue, but not the muscle, on several sites of the body.  The values are then plugged into an equation to reach a body fat percentage.

Exercise Assessment and 'Prescription'

Members may meet one-on-one with an exercise physiologist on staff, up to 3 sessions, to customize an exercise program to enable you to meet your personal fitness goals— safely.  Programs can include stretching, rehabilitative, warm-up, strengthening, cardiovascular, and cool-down exercises.  To keep routines fresh and avoid a plateau in progress, members may periodically meet with an exercise physiologist on staff to make adjustments and modifications to an on-going exercise program.  This service is only available to members and at no additional cost.  To schedule to meet with an exercise physiologist, members may call The Wellness Center at (615) 396-5500 or stop by the front desk.