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Pulmonary Rehab Notes Archive

​Notes Archive

March, 2016

Greetings, fellow Better Breathers! As most of you know, I am taking over for Ken Hartman as the facilitator/leader/whatever of our group. I know that we are all VERY GRATEFUL for Ken and his efforts over the last two years. He will continue as a member of the group for the immediate future.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, March 10, at 1:00 PM. PLEASE NOTE THE TIME CHANGE. This was voted on at the last meeting. Our own Michelle Wenisch will put us through a few stretching and exercise paces as a refresher from her visit last year. I have asked her to put together a handout if she can find the time.The latter part of the meeting will be spent planning for the next several months. Your input is welcome! I look forward to my new role and know I can count on your help and support.

A few individuals are interested in serving meals from time to time at The Journey Home, a non-denominational Christian group serving the homeless in Murfreesboro and Rutherford County. Sue Cain volunteers there regularly and can provide more information if you are interested. We will leave time at the end of our meeting for those who are interested to get together. (Hope you can be there, Sue!)

Bryan continues to work on the parking issues, but you may want to arrive a little early in case of difficulty. I believe that a cardio rehab class starts at one and it was quite full last week!

​February, 2016 (cont.)

Yesterday was a bittersweet day for me in that I stepped down as "pack leader" but handed the reigns over to Beverly L. who I am sure will carry on with what you all want for the Better Breathers.

I want to THANK all of you who have supported BBG in many ways since February 2014 when we began, from baking to doing mailings to providing input etc. I especially want to admit that I was also guided by my Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You Lord.

Beverly and I will meet next week to transition to her leadership. And I am sure you will all hear from her very soon. Please give Beverly the same effort and inspiration that you have given me these last 2 years.

I Love You all and Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Life is about letting GOD use you for HIS purposes, not using HIM for your own purpose. (Rick Warren)

February, 2016

Good morning! This will most likely be the last time I send this Meeting Recap to Y'All. As previously said, I am stepping down and we will have a new group senior. Two members have expressed interest in leading us: Beverly L. and Bob H. If anyone else in interested please let me know as we will vote at our next meeting (February 11). We will also discuss the practicality of changing our meeting time to help make parking better for us.

Yesterday we had two speakers, Jeff Edge, who spoke about the investment market and also provided information on the changes in 2016 to Medicare/Medicaid.

Our other speaker was Stephanie Williams from the COPD Foundation telling us of a pilot program unique (for now) to St Thomas Rutherford Hospital. This program for COPDer's is called Harmonicas for Health. The pilot program will last 5 weeks ending the last week of February. Those who participate will receive a harmonica, music, and instruction. (No musical talent is required). Seven members of our group signed up yesterday and we have until January 20 to enroll if interested. Please be interested and call Missi or Stacie at (615)396-4926.


Life is about letting GOD use you for HIS purposes, not using HIM for your own purpose. (Rick Warren)
January, 2016

Happy Holidays, Better Breathers!

Well, December 10th was a great day for 21 members at O'Charlies Restaurant. This was the second of our ANNUAL holiday party and I hope it continues.

Our meeting for January will be January 14 2016 and will be held in the main hospital in conference room C. I will provide directions when I send out the official announcement. (lunch will be provided).

Until then, I want to wish each and every one of you and your families the most Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas ever. My prayers are with you that the New Year will bring more joy and better breathing.

Ask God to be the Lord of your heart. Give Him full rein to rule it. Invite Him to sit on the throne of your heart.

November 13, 2015

Good Morning all you Breathers out there. I hope you didn't freeze last night.

We had our monthly meeting yesterday and although our greatly anticipated speaker cancelled, we had a good meeting just "hanging 'round and talking". Three nursing students from MTSU joined us as well as 4 new members ( Doris, Jean, Francisco, and Bob).
Welcome. Your Better Breathers Group's existence is being noticed as some who have not attended rehab are joining. Keep up the good words by talking about us and telling your docs that we are here! Now for the GOOD STUFF!! Our next meeting is our annual HOLIDAY Party to be held Thursday, December 10 at 11 am. We will meet at O'Charley's at 1600 Memorial Blvd for lunch followed by some fun and a game or two. Please plan on attending and bring a wrapped gift of about $10 for a "Secret Santa" type game.

If anyone has a fun variation of Secret Santa (as Duff and MaryAnn did last year) please let me know.

I must let O'Charlies know two days in advance of the number of attendees so PLEASE LET ME KNOW THAT YOU ARE ATTENDING! Spouses, significant others are welcome also. (lunch is dutch).

Additional reminders will be sent between now and then.

Last year we had 27 attend, Let's try for 35 this year.

Also to let you all know, Ray Fairbanks had hip surgery on Nov 5th and his wife Raene said he is doing well. Thank you for the prayers.

Lastly, If you know of anyone not feeling well or in the hospital, Please let us know.
Well, I have run out of words so I'll say Bye for now and REMEMBER PURSED LIP BREATHING.

October 8, 2015

Good Mornin' Breathers!!!

Yesterday was our October meeting and it was another great one. We welcomed 4 new members Pam, Libby, Thomas, and Rich. Glad to have you with us. Our meeting was a little different in structure as it had no structure. Just mingling and talking and getting to know each other better. Maybe we should try that again.

We talked about the next few meeting(s) and they are:

  • November 12-Dr Rhim, cardiologist, will speak
  • December 10 - Our annual Holiday Party at a restaurant (I am contacting O'Charley's)
  • January 14 - An End of Life Professional
We will go out to lunch together once a quarter as this seems to be very popular. We missed those who did not attend and hope to see y'all soon. Until then remember "pursed lip breathing" to get you through the rough times.

Praying that God Blesses you today and every day!

September, 2015

A Big TN beautiful morning to Y'ALL!

Yesterday was a great day for us in that we had Ms Stephanie Williams from the COPD Foundation speak to us about, what else, COPD and some things the Foundation is doing to bring more awareness to this insidious disease. One very interesting note was the amount of funding provided for COPD research compared to deaths and other diseases. COPD deaths are significantly higher than other diseases and yet the funding is the lowest. We need to get involved to resolve this. You can get a great resource from the Foundation by calling 866-316-2673 or visit www.copdfoundation.org.

As was noted previously, we sent Ann to her new career with a party. I want to personally THANK Beverle, Eileen, and Judy for their outstanding effort on bringing this about. We had cake, (from scratch by Eileen), cupcakes, fruit etc. It appeared all had a good time. To those who contributed, Ann was given a statue of an Angel as she loves angels. Ann was very thankful and appreciative. PULMONARY REHAB WILL MISS HER as will HER BETTER BREATHERS GROUP.

Have a Blessed Day!

Hello Breathers.....

We had our first of many luncheons last Thursday at O'Charley's restaurant on Memorial Blvd. Had a great turnout and everyone enjoyed the relaxed non-education program; (there wasn't any)!

We will definitely look to having more of these luncheons. We do have coming up in December our annual Holiday Party. For those who were not with us last year, we held this in the Aerobics room at the Wellness Center and many people made sandwiches, cookies, and other food for us to eat. We also played a game or two. I will include more info about this in October and November.

Below are some pics from the Luncheon for your viewing:
BB1-300  ​ BB2-300
​  BB3-300 ​  BB4-300

Have a Blessed Day!



Choice of restaurants for our BIG LUNCH GET TOGETHER next month has been reduced to the following: O'Charleys, Olive Garden, Egg and I, and Camino Real (sp).

A decision will be made within the next weeks. NOTE OF IMPORTANCE: If you are going to attend this lunch, I MUST have an accurate count of those who are attending. PLEASE RESPOND TO ME THROUGH THIS EMAIL.

Participation in our group is growing in that we had 17 at the meeting Thursday. Thank you to all who attended and we hope to see those who were unable to attend at our next meeting!

Stay cool in this heat.

Also if you are shut-in or hospitalized PLEASE let us know either by contacting me or Ann at the Wellness center.

Last meeting with Dr Louthan was very informative as he spoke about the various kinds/types of meds we "Breathers" take or might take sometime in our trip down COPD lane. There was a fair turnout of about 15.
Before Doc showed up, I asked all to think about a restaurant we could go to for our "social lunch" in August. So WHEN you attend our next meeting on Thursday July 9, 2015 at 11:00 am we can discuss where.
Also, there is a possibility that we might change our name from BETTER BREATHERS GROUP to something else. Please think about a catchy but identifiable new name.
Please keep in touch with me via this email address if you choose. We would like to know how you are doing and how you are coping with this HOT, HUMID, POLLEN weather and anything else you would like the group to know.
To ALL Fathers who read this I PRAY YOU WILL
Have a Blessed Day!

Hello all you "BREATHERS"! Just got home from our meeting this morning which included Sergeant Michelle making all 640 muscles in our body HURT! Jus' kiddin'. We had a GREAT turnout for this meeting and I suspect y'all wanted to see Michelle again AND the friends you have made. It is a Blessing for me to see all of you and to pray for your being well.
If anyone HAS NOT received a schedule of the meeting subjects thru Aug 2016, PLEASE email me.
Next month May 7th we will have an in house discussion by Y'all on "HOW TO GET READY FOR SPRING and SUMMER. So please come with your ideas on how to make spring cleaning, planting flowers and veggies, Air conditioning and lawn mowing devices ready. Our COPD limits activities BUT some of the stuff still needs to be done! HOW DO YOU HANDLE IT?

On a down note, this may be the last email you get as I am reducing our membership list to include only those who have attended a meeting or have expressed their wishes to continue. This is a support group for each one of us and to be successful, we need your support.


Howdy Breathers! Just got home from our 14th consecutive Better Breathers meeting. We had a good turnout of our regular attendees and our speaker, Mr Jeff E., from Edward Jones provided us with The Rules of the Road principles for sound investing and how to identify and avoid common investment mistakes.

Duff M. prepared a program list for the next 13 months meeting agenda which were presented to those in attendance. A few changes are being made from some great suggestions and we will finalize the program list and provide it to you all as well as posting it on the website. I know you will find the subject matter informative and even mouth watering...LOL!

Our next meeting will be Thursday April 9, 2015 when MICHELLE will "come play with us". WOOHOO!

A reminder, if you or another Breather is ill or in the hospital, please let us know.
Some GOOD NEWS......SPRING is only a week away......Bad News......pollen!

Be safe and remember the words of Ann and Michelle......PURSED LIP BREATHING.

Signing off now.


Good Morning Better Breathers. It's me again with the monthly update on our meeting.

Yesterday February 12 we held our 13th consecutive BBG meeting and I want to THANK YOU for your acceptance and participation of this support group. I can see we are developing some great camaraderie and friendships and that is what is all about.

As we move forward into our second year our continued growth and success will depend on you all (or should I say y'all?).

We had as our speaker yesterday Mr Jerry F., attorney who provided good informationabout "ADVANCE CARE PLAN" (Living Will) in Tennessee. Everyone was provided a blank form
to complete if they desired or to take home. If any of you would like a copy please reply to this email and I will email one to you.

Discussion about what and how we were dealing with the cold weather, subjects and outings for future meetings was held. One of the future meeting will be a lunch meeting at a local restaurant to include just food and fun. Another subject will be for Sarge Michelle to come in to REMIND us (for 30 minutes) how to EXERCISE (in case we forgot) LOL!

Other suggestions were made and noted and I will continue to work to provide meetings that you all would like.

As a closing note I would like to THANK CLARA C. for providing us with tasty and appreciated Valentine Heart Cookies.

Have a Great Happy Valentines Day and STAY WARM



Good morning! I hope y'all are staying warm in this short (I hope) cold spell.

The weather had its effect on our meeting (and I sympathize) as we had nine brave people attend. Our speaker was Reverend Marshall Gupton who spoke on dignity and how to proceed with our special lives dealing with our pulmonary and other issues. He provided many examples of situations where people he knew (including himself) dealt with life. Simply put he said we should seek serenity in our lives and use our energy to focus on those things we like to do, not wallow and get depressed.

On another issue, many of us have increased issues during the winter months where we are "down with sumpthin". If you are sick at home or in the hospital, please let your Better Breathers Family know by sending me an email and I will communicate with Ann and Michelle, as well as others in the group. OR, if you have a membership list, you might want to call a friendly member to talk to. Either way, we are here for you and WE CARE!

As a reminder, our next meeting is February 12 at 11 am at the Wellness Center. Our speaker for the first half of the hour will be an attorney providing information on Living Wills and Powers of Attorney.

I would also like to get your input on subject and structure for future meetings.
Until then, please try to stay warm and cozy and healthy.

Your friend and fellow COPDer,



Dear Better Breathers,

Today December 9th we celebrated the holidays with a great party. I wish to thank all who attended and hope your bellies are full and y'all had a good social time. I was and am so proud and happy for all my Pulmonary Friends who participate in this Better Breathers program. It is because and with y'all that it is a success. I pray that the friends we make and made through this group will sustain us into 2015 as we make new paths to support us "bad breathes" to feel better about ourselves as well as improve our life's outlook.

I especially want to recognize and THANK Duff and Maryann Maynard, Clara Conway, Sue Cain, Michelle and Ann for their support and contribution to not only today but to the program as a whole. A special thanks goes to Bryan Lowe and The Wellness Center for all they have done to support us also.

Thank you ALL again and I wish you a VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY season and MERRY CHRISTMAS.



On October 9th we held our monthly meeting of Better Breathers. Mr Kris Wright of HILLER was our guest speaker and provided us with much information about clear air environment(s) in our homes/apartments. He showed us many forms of dust, molds, and insects that we all have living in our residence. The session was not a sales pitch by HILLER but Mr Wright gave us information to contact him if we wish.

If you want to contact him his number is 615-890-9228. Just tell him you belong to Better Breathers.

There will be a change to our speaker for November 9th. Ann will not be available to speak so I have tentatively contacted Lindsey from the Dietary/Nutrition Center to speak. She spoke once before and provided much information.

I hope to see everyone in November.

By the way our treat at the October meeting was homemade apple crisp enjoyed by all. Thanks to all those who attended!


9/25/14 - Hello Better Breathers!

Welcome to our support group web page. On this page we will provide our Group meeting schedule and hopefully notes on previous meetings so those who have missed a meeting can also share in the "happenings".

On September 18 we met at TrustPoint Hospital which is an inpatient rehab hospital. Our largest turnout was there to learn about the services provided by TrustPoint.

I hope this represents subject matter which you all will find informative and interesting..

If you want to provide comments/information, please use the following email address: wellness.center@sth.org.