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Saint Thomas Heart

Hybrid Coronary Surgery

A hybrid cardiac surgical procedure is defined as a procedure that combines a conventional surgical technique (including a skin incision) with an interventional technique, using a catheter-based procedure guided by fluoroscopy (or other, e.g. CT or MRI) imaging in a hybrid OR without interruption. A wider definition includes a clinically connected succession of a catheter intervention and a surgical procedure with a time gap. Both are considered to be minimally invasive approaches to surgery in lieu of a traditional chest incision.

In high-risk patients and re-operative patients, risky surgical procedures may be converted to less complex surgeries by using an interventional procedure. Using the surgical robot with these types of procedures results in very small incisions, less pain, quicker recovery times, and a high level of patient satisfaction compared with traditional surgical approaches.

Following are some key questions to ask and answer in considering hybrid coronary surgery:

  1. Are patients with advanced coronary disease better served by coronary artery bypass surgery, by percutaneous coronary intervention, or both?
  2. Should elderly patients with aortic stenosis undergo surgical aortic valve replacement or transcatheter aortic valve replacement?
  3. Can we combine surgical and interventional approaches to treat valvular disease, heart failure or aortic aneurysms?

Our goal, especially in treating an aging population with potentially complex coronary conditions, is to provide innovative and less invasive solutions to treat coronary diseases.