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Robotic Surgery

Understanding the Benefits

Saint Thomas Health robotic surgery experts are changing the surgical experience for patients and re-writing the accepted standards for surgical care through the use of the most advanced robotic surgery system available. The minimally invasive treatment option is performed through the smallest of incisions, so patients typically experience less pain, a shorter hospital stay and a faster return to normal daily activities.

Surgical Accuracy

Your surgeon makes the hand movements as if he or she is actually performing the surgery on behalf of the robot. Then, motion sensors make the robotic device move in the exact same way.

Surgical accuracy
Surgical accuracy

A More Comfortable Recovery

Saint Thomas physicians are here to ensure that you and your family members have the most efficient and successful recovery experience possible. Smaller incisions and a less invasive surgery mean that most patients enjoy an easier recovery after robotic surgery. The early healing period can often be shortened for the optimal patient experience.