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Pharmacy Services


Dispensary of Hope Inventory

Saint Thomas West, Saint Thomas Midtown and Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospitals

The Dispensary of Hope - Saint Thomas is a medication assistance program operating as an outreach mission of Saint Thomas Health and others. Medications are dispensed through Plaza Pharmacy on Saint Thomas West Hospital campus, Saint Vincent Pharmacy on Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital campus, Saint Louise Pharmacy on campus of Saint Louise Clinic in Murfreesboro, and Hickman Charitable Pharmacy on the campus of Saint Thomas Hickman Hospital. Brand name samples and donated generic medications are provided at no charge for those who are uninsured and have limited income.  These drugs are provided first-come first-served based on availability.

excellogo Safety Net Drug Formulary exists when samples are not available. Drugs on the Safety Net Formulary are provided to patients for $1.00, $3.00 or $10.00 per prescription.

If you have further questions regarding this service, please call:

Plaza Pharmacy - Dispensary of Hope West - (615) 222-6216.
Saint Louise Pharmacy - Dispensary of Hope Rutherford - (615) 396-6167
Saint Vincent Pharmacy - Dispensary of Hope Midtown - (615) 284-6170
Hickman Charitable Pharmacy - Dispensary of Hope Hickman - (931) 729-6798

Program Social Worker's number is (615) 222-5801.


excellogo Sample (free) drug inventory)

PLEASE NOTE: Inventory is continually changing and some drugs may be in limited supply. (Please check back frequently)

excellogo Safety Net Drug Formulary (Alphabetical List) PLEASE NOTE: some quantity restrictions may apply. (Available for $1.00 or $3.00 per prescription)

excellogo Safety Net Drug Formulary (By Therapeutic Class) - Sample drugs listed on this page are for informational and comparison purposes only. Please refer to Sample Drug Inventory List for current sample drug/strength availability.