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Pharmacy Services

Dispensary of Hope

Helping patients get medication they need.

No one should have to suffer illness because they cannot afford medication. Unfortunately, it happens every day. Now there is hope with the Dispensary of Hope - Saint Thomas.

The Dispensary of Hope - Saint Thomas, a service of Saint Thomas West, Saint Thomas Midtown and Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospitals, is a program to help those people who qualify get the medications they need. The program provides short-term assistance to people who are uninsured or are underserved and have limited income. Medications are dispensed at Saint Thomas West, Saint Thomas Midtown and Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital. Medications dispensed are either sample drugs (no charge) or safety net drugs ($3 per prescription).

The Dispensary of Hope - Saint Thomas continues the important work the original Dispensary of Hope in Murfreesboro has and continues to provide to the medically underserved. The vision behind the Dispensary of Hope was to create a goodwill pharmacy program for people in need. Today, through the generous donations and the tireless work of volunteers, the Dispensary of Hope is giving people in need a new chance at life and health.

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Our Volunteers

At Saint Thomas Rutherford, we are currently looking for the following:

  • Pharmacists
  • Certified Pharmacy Technicians
  • Office workers

If you are interested, please contact us at (615) 396-6167 for more information.