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Hip Replacement

Suffering from hip pain? Take a pain assessment.

The hip can be damaged by fracture, arthritis or other conditions, limiting the ability to walk or bend and causing pain and stiffness. Hip replacement surgery can help dramatically reduce hip pain and significantly improve stability and the ability to perform the everyday activities of daily life.

Saint Thomas Joint Replacement Institute offers hip replacement surgery using a minimally invasive superior approach to the joint. The hip ball and socket are replaced with a safe, high-quality material to provide a smooth and painless range of motion.

Hip resurfacing may be suitable for some patients, and unlike traditional total hip replacement, the entire ball of the hip is not replaced. Hip resurfacing may be a better choice for younger patients because the procedure requires less bone removal, which can make it easier to perform a total hip replacement if needed later.

The Saint Thomas Joint Replacement Institute also offers highly advanced acetabular fracture surgery and hip preservation surgery for patients with specific and complex hip and pelvis dysplasia.

Please know that treatment options may vary. It is the discretion of the surgeon and patient as to which surgical method is most appropriate to reach the optimal outcome.

For treatment options and appointments, call (844) 655-2111 or click “talk to our team” on the homepage.