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Kidney Transplant Center

Early Signs of Kidney Failure

Kidney failure begins with chronic kidney disease, which shows very subtle signs early on. It’s important to watch for these symptoms, to be aware of what they mean, and to reach out to us if you think your kidneys may be in trouble.

Symptoms To Watch For

  1. Change in urination
    Kidneys make urine, so when the kidneys are failing, your urine may look different, contain blood, or cause uncomfortable pressure.
  2. Swelling
    When your kidneys stop removing extra fluid, it builds up in your legs, ankles, feet, face, and hands.
  3. Fatigue
    Healthy kidneys make a hormone that tells your body to make oxygen-carrying red blood cells. As the kidneys fail, they make less of that hormone, causing a condition called anemia. With fewer red blood cells to carry oxygen, your muscles and brain tire very quickly.
  4. Rash/Itching
    When the kidneys stop removing waste from your bloodstream, the buildup can cause severe itching.
  5. Metallic taste in your mouth
    The same waste buildup can cause food to taste bad, or bad breath.
  6. Nausea and vomiting
    This is another possible result of waste buildup in the bloodstream.
  7. Shortness of breath
    This is often the result of either anemia or a fluid buildup in your lungs.
  8. Feeling cold
    Anemia can cause you to feel cold at any place and time.
If you are showing signs of kidney failure, or want more information about the Saint Thomas Kidney Transplant Center,

Call (800) 456-6618

For more than two decades, the Saint Thomas Kidney Transplant Center has been serving patients with kidney failure. Beginning with an individualized evaluation and continuing throughout the transplant process, each recipient and living donor receives a specialized plan of care designed to meet his or her specific needs.

Want to become a Living Kidney Donor?

Family members or individuals who are unrelated but make a good match may also donate one of their kidneys through a living donor transplant. Donors can live healthy lives with one kidney. Complete the Living Donor Online Form to begin the evaluation process.

Complete the pdf Living Donor Online Form to begin the evaluation process.