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Group Classes

General Group Classes
Education in a group setting has been proven to be the most effective way to learn for most people. Patients who have been referred for group education will be assessed at an individual appointment and will receive guidance in developing a personalized education plan before attending group classes. Education includes basic pathophysiology of diabetes, diabetes medications, importance of exercise, weight loss, meal planning, carbohydrate counting, portion sizes, foot care, behavior change and acute and chronic complication. Patients who need instruction in the use of their blood glucose meter, will need to obtain a meter before coming to their initial appointment. A blood glucose meter must be prescribed by a physician or primary care provider and can be obtained from a pharmacy or durable medical equipment provider. Please refer to Blood Glucose Meter Options.

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Advanced Nutrition
This course is designed for those who have completed basic diabetes self-management group education. You will receive guidance to make healthy restaurant and fast food choices as well as tips on grocery shopping, information on supplements and herbs, discussion of glycemic index and more. This class builds on previous knowledge from applying diabetes education to every day nutrition and provides you with a revised meal plan.

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