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Blood Glucose Meter

Before attending diabetes education, please contact your health insurance/plan provider to verify your diabetes meter and supplies coverage. For the least amount of out of pocket expenses, your meter should be selected according to your insurance plan coverage. The following check list will guide your questions to your insurance company.

  • Ask What Diabetes Supplies Your Health Plan Covers                               
    Some plans only allow specific and limited types of monitors and strips.
  • Ask Which Benefit Your Diabetes Supplies Are Covered Under
    Some plans cover diabetes supplies under your prescription benefit and some cover them under your Durable Medical Equipment (DME) benefit. 
  • Ask How You Will Get Reimbursed
    Some plans require you to pay for your supplies up front and submit a claim for reimbursement. Some charge a co-payment at the time of purchase.
  • Ask About a Mail-Order Requirement
    Some plans may require you to order supplies from a mail-order company, or it may save you money to do so. Ask your health plan about ordering options. 
  • Ask About Limits On The Number Of Strips You Can Get At One Time
    Some plans only allow you to get a certain number of test strips (and other supplies) to cover a specified period of time–e.g., 30 days.

The following is a partial list of durable medical equipment providers in the middle Tennessee area. Meters can also be obtained at this time from local pharmacies or mail order companies.

  • All South, A division of National Rehab
  • Medical Necessities
    (615) 865-6269

  • American Home Patient

  • Metro Medical
    (615) 329-3150

  • Apria Healthcare
    (615) 321-5874

  • Reeves-Sain
    (615) 896-5731

  • Ed Medical
    (615) 361-8209

  • Superior Orthotics & Prosthetics
    (615) 320-4103

  • Lifecare
    (615) 865-2902

  • Williamson Medical
    (615) 327-4931

  • LinCare 
    (615) 244-0140