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Gestational Diabetes Education and Management

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Gestational Diabetes Class

It is important to reach and maintain good blood sugar control throughout your pregnancy for you and your baby's health. Your physician recognizes the necessity for this education to be included in your prenatal care. This class includes:

  • Nutrition counseling
  • Individualized meal plan
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Diabetes etiology and risk factors for maternal and fetal complications
  • The importance and effects of exercise
  • Medications used for treatment
  • A1c test at initial visit

*By providing your pharmacy or durable medical equipment supplier contact information, a Diabetes Center representative will assist you with obtaining your blood glucose meter and testing supplies prior to class.  Please check with your insurance provider to determine which glucose meter is covered under your insurance plan.  Please refer to Blood Glucose Meter Options for information on durable medical equipment suppliers. 

A one week follow-up visit will be scheduled after completing the class to review your blood sugar, food diaries and answer any questions. (Follow up visit is required to evaluate effectiveness of education and is an American Diabetes Association Certification requirement.)

Diabetes and Pregnancy Management Program
In addition to attending the class and one-week follow-up visit listed above, a physician may choose for the diabetes clinicians to monitor and manage your blood sugars throughout your pregnancy. The diabetes clinicians will work with you to reach your target blood sugar until delivery or until you have been released by your referring physician.  Monthly visits will be necessary should medication or insulin be required during your pregnancy.