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Living With Diabetes

Dealing with the pain and risks associated with diabetes can be a struggle. It not only impacts your diet, but can also play a part in your blood pressure, cholesterol, and stress level. If not taken care of, Diabetes can also lead to much more serious, even life-threatening, conditions.

At the Diabetes Centers of Saint Thomas Health, we offer a number of helpful resources including educational classes on how to manage your Diabetes. Our specially trained staff will educate you on a number of subjects from nutrition to exercise and weight loss, to learning how carry out the daily tasks of taking care of your diabetes.

For more information, contact the location nearest you:

Saint Thomas Midtown: (615) 284-2800
Saint Thomas Rutherford: (615)396-6123
Saint Thomas West Center: (615) 284-2800


Lee Vaden's favorite thing to do is go on walks. When he lost both of his legs to diabetes, he thought he would never be able to walk again. Read the amazing story of how one man defied the odds to overcome his disability at nothingshallbeimpossible.com.