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Centers for Breast Health

Make an Appointment

pinkribbon_2_350a_rpinkribbon_2_350a_lSaint Thomas Health's Centers for Breast Health accept payments from many insurance plans. If you have questions about referrals or insurance coverage, please call 615-284-PINK (7465). We will be happy to assist you with these issues.

Call 615-284-PINK (7465)
to schedule a mammogram by phone.

You may also schedule a mammogram online at Saint Thomas Midtown or Saint Thomas West.


7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
To allow for adequate time, the last scheduled appointment for screening is 4:00 p.m.

Referrals & Insurance Coverage

You may make an appointment directly with the Center for Breast Health (self referral) or have an appointment arranged through your doctor’s office (doctor referral). However, you may need a doctor referral to ensure insurance coverage for certain appointments and procedures. Check with your insurance provider to see if a doctor referral is needed and if reimbursement is available under your medical plan for our physicians and facility.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some insurance providers require a specific waiting period before tests or procedures can be performed. For example, routine screening mammograms often are only reimbursed annually. Some other procedures require a six-month waiting period before additional testing will be reimbursed. Ask your insurance provider to explain these guidelines.