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Centers for Breast Health

Early Detection

pinkribbon_2_350a_rpinkribbon_2_350a_lThe Saint Thomas Health's Centers for Breast Health offer a full range of diagnostic services dedicated to early detection.

Digital Mammogram
Low-dose X-rays provide digital pictures that give radiologists the ability to detect even the smallest abnormalities. During this procedure, your breasts will be compressed slightly to ensure an accurate reading. This test should be performed annually at age 40 and above. Images can be obtained as 2D or 3D technology.

A painless test that distinguishes different kinds of breast tissue by picking up echoes of sound waves and converting them into images that are projected onto a TV monitor. A breast ultrasound can reveal if a potential lump or mass is simply a benign breast cyst.

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
A minimally-invasive test that evaluates calcifications that have been detected on a mammogram. During this procedure, a small sampling of breast tissue is removed for pathological analysis and a band-aid is applied to the needle entry site.

Needle Localization
This test is performed the same day you would have a breast biopsy. The exact location of the biopsy site is identified through X-rays by the breast radiologist, and a small guide wire is inserted into the breast mass to assist the surgeon with removal of breast tissue during the operative procedure.

Early Detection is Key

  • Perform a monthly breast self-exam
  • Have an annual exam by your physician
  • Schedule an annual mammogram starting at age 40
  • Talk to your physician about beginning mammograms earlier if you have a family history of breast cancer