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Genetic Counseling

SaintThomas_GeneticsSaint Thomas Cancer Care genetic counselors are specially trained in genetics and genetic testing. During the appointment, your genetic counselor will review your family history, talk about your risk factors, discuss your testing options and help you decide if testing is right for you and your family. You do not always need to have genetic testing after a genetic counseling appointment. If you do need testing, your genetic counselor will coordinate your testing for you. Then, your genetic counselor will help you understand your test results and discuss your results and what it means for you and your family.


Contact Saint Thomas Cancer Care Genetics: 615-284-2276.

Please click the following link for your Family History Questionnaire.


Genetic counseling and risk assessment should be considered if someone has a personal or family history of any of the following:


  • Multiple close family members with cancer, especially the same type of cancer
  • Cancer at a young age (age 50 and younger)
  • Cancers that have a stronger genetic risk (i.e. ovarian cancer, male breast cancer)
  • Multiple separate cancers in one individual
  • A physical finding that is linked to hereditary cancer risk (such as many colon polyps)
  • A known genetic mutation in the family (in one or more family members who had genetic testing)
  • Cancer diagnosis in a member of an ethnic group at higher risk for inherited gene mutations (i.e. Ashkenazi Jewish)


For more information and educational materials, please visit our Health Library.