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Saint Thomas Cancer CareEach day, every day, Saint Thomas Cancer Care utilizes innovative cancer treatments, integrated therapies and comprehensive education and prevention, customized for you. Through this advanced, patient-centered approach, we are giving hope to thousands of patients across Middle Tennessee and winning the war against cancer — one life at a time.

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Nothing Shall Be Impossible

In the face of adversity, Caroline Young simply acknowledges it and pushes her way past it. 17 years ago she was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer - it destroyed her body, but not her spirit. See how she tackles her latest challenge at nothingshallbeimpossible.com.

A cough brought on by cleaning her bathroom alerted Jenny White and her physicians that she had a real problem. Four years later, she's a lung cancer survivor and training for a marathon. Read about Jenny beating the impossible on nothingshallbeimpossible.com.

Terri Wilson handles things as they come. That's why a breast cancer diagnosis, a lumpectomy and several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation didn't phase her. Read more about Terri at nothingshallbeimpossible.com.


These are the opening lines to the song "If Only" written by grammy nominated songwriter Ray Barnette of Nashville and 12-year-old Lindsey Lomis. That's right, it's co-written by Lomis who also sings the song. She was inspired to write the song after reading the book by the same title. Read more at nothingshallbeimpossible.com