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Behavioral Health

Serenity Behavioral Health

Serenity Behavioral Health provides inpatient stabilization services to adults ages 55 and up. We offer assistance to older adults who are experiencing changes in behavior and/or cognitive functioning resulting from the aging process, adjustment to medication, or other issues surrounding the transitional needs of the senior adult population.

Serenity Behavioral Health

24-Hour Confidential Phone Assessment

CALL (931) 815-4470


Serenity Behavioral Health is located at Saint Thomas River Park Hospital, 1559 Sparta Street, McMinnville.

Services Provided

Serenity Behavioral Health provides inpatient behavioral health support for those adults, ages 55 and up, who need assistance in managing a crisis, or who need stabilization in a safe, secure environment.

Inpatient services include:
  • a comprehensive assessment of each patient
  • an individualized, comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment plan
  • assessment and treatment by a psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of the geriatric population
  • medication management
  • 24-hour nursing services
  • individual, group and family therapy services
  • therapeutic recreation services
  • discharge planning
  • coordination of follow-up care
  • assistance with accessing community resources
  • assistance with placement in an alternative living environment (if needed)
  • assistance with emergency orders of detention and/or court commitment

Payment for Services

We accept Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and private pay.

For More Information or to Make a Referral

We can be reached for a confidential phone assessment, 24 hours a day, at 931-815-4470. In a crisis or life-threatening emergency, call 911, or come to the Saint Thomas River Park Hospital Emergency Department.