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Bariatrics and Weight Loss

Steps to Surgery

Step 1
Attend a seminar
at Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital's Bariatric Center. Complete the "Registration Packet" and return to the Bariatric Center upon the conclusion of seminar. Please disclose ALL Insurance information.

Return in person, by mail to 1840 Medical Center Parkway, Suite 405 Murfreesboro, TN 37129, email (see below) or fax: (615) 396-5700.

Step 2
Complete the "Patient Questionnaire" and return to The Bariatric Center via in person, by mail, email, or fax: (615) 396-5700.

Step 3
Read the contents of this packet. Talk to someone who has had weight loss surgery. We encourage you to be informed before you make any decisions about having surgery. You will need to call your insurance company and ask if weight loss surgery is covered. If there is an "exclusion" for weight loss surgery; request a written copy from your insurance company. Exclusion means that weight loss surgery is not a covered benefit. You may find your policy online.

Step 4
Go see your medical doctor for the following: Note: Not every insurance company will require these items.
  • Physical exam and clearance for surgery (Cardiac/Pulmonary clearances as needed)
  • 1 office note per year with weight x 2-5 years (2007 - current) (Varies by Insurance Co.)
  • 10% or 6 month weight loss program with PCP or Dietitian (Varies by Insurance Co.)
  • Letter of Medical Necessity (Everyone must have)
  • Lab work: CBC, CMP, Iron, Ferritin, Vitamin D, PTH, and TSH

Step 5
Attend (3) support group at Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital's Bariatric Center. A copy of the support group schedule is available at seminar or online. No registration is required, simply show up and sign in. (Click here for dates)

Step 6
Contact the Bariatric Insurance Specialist to ensure all the necessary paperwork has been received. If the criteria has been met for your insurance you will be submitted for approval. Please note you are responsible for getting your medical records to Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital Bariatric Center. The fax number is (615) 3965700

Final Step
Once approved, Catherine Shaw (Catherine.shaw@ascension.org) or the Bariatric Insurance Specialist will schedule a Pre-Operative class at Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital's Bariatric Center. Classes are by appointment only. Stacy at Murfreesboro Surgical Specialist will contact you for your weigh in appointment with the surgeon.