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Saint Thomas West Hospital

Visitor FAQ

Where are the ATMs?
We have ATMs near every entrance. There are ATMs from the Saint Thomas Credit Union on the first floor of the S&E building, the elevators to Special Care on the 1st floor, and in the Parkside Cafeteria. There is a First Tennessee Bank ATM in the Parkside Cafeteria and a Bank of America ATM on the first floor of Plaza East.

Where is the Saint Thomas Credit Union?
It is located on the ground floor of Plaza West.

Where is the Bank of America office?
It is located on the first floor of Plaza East.

What are the food options in the hospital?
The Parkside Cafeteria on the 1st floor, and a Subway and the Snack Place on the second floor of Plaza West.

Does the Parkside Cafeteria take debt or credit cards?

Where can I find vending machines for snacks, drinks?
Outside the Parkside Cafeteria.

Is there a pharmacy on-site?
Yes, the Plaza Pharmacy is open to the public and located on the second floor of Plaza West, near the Subway and Grill. The hours are: Monday, 7am to 5pm, Tuesday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. It is closed on the weekends.

Does the hospital offer wireless service?
Yes, your computer should access free wireless service in our waiting areas. For more information, click here.

Where can I get a cup of coffee?
In the Parkside Cafeteria, at the Snack Place, and at coffee stands near the Family Waiting Room on the first floor, or in the Admissions area on the second floor of Plaza East.

Is there a Gift Shop?
Yes, across from the visitor elevators. It is open M-F, 8:30am to 7pm, Sat 10am to 4pm and Sun 11am to 3pm.

Where can I buy flowers?
In the Gift Shop, first floor.

Where is the Chapel?
The Chapel is located behind the Gift Shop near the Patient Discharge Lobby. The Chapel is always open. Mass is celebrated everyday Monday through Friday at 11:30am and at 10am on Sundays. Everyone is welcome.

Can visitors order the "At Your Request" room service while visiting their friends and family in patient rooms?
Yes, for a minimal cost. Instructions can be found on the menus in patient rooms.

Where can I make copies or fax something?
The Visitor Resource Center, next to the Library on the first floor.

Are there computers there to access the Internet?
Yes, and it's a free service.

Is your visitor parking free?
Yes, always. You can park in the Seton Garage, Harding Garage, or Medical Office Building parking.

Is there Valet Parking?
Yes. It's free and located at Medical Plaza West.

Are there pay phones here?
No, but the Gift Shop sells phone cards to make long distance calls from any of the hospital's phones.

Is there a fitness center I can use?
Yes, the Wellness Center is located on the 3rd floor of the S&E building. Visitors can workout for a minimal charge. The hours are: M-Th 5am-8:30pm, Fri 5am-7:30pm, Sat 8am-3pm, Sun 10am-3pm.

Are pets allowed to visit patients?
On some occasions, check with your nurse first.

Where can I get a newspaper or magazine?
Newspapers and magazines are sold in the Gift Shop and newspaper racks are located in the Patient Discharge Lobby.

Where is the Heart Healthy Cooking School?
The free cooking school takes place in the Parkside Cafeteria. Everyone is welcome to attend. Check with the welcome and registration desks for schedules.

Where can I buy stamps?
There is a machine in the Patient Discharge Lobby, next to the mailbox drop. Stamps are also available in the Visitor Resource Center.

What is the number for Security?
Call 2171 or 2911.

Where is the Volunteer Office?
On the first floor, next to the Family Waiting Room.

I notice the art on the walls, is it for sale?
Usually, it is part of our Community Art program. The artist's information is listed next to the work; please contact the artist directly if interested.

Do patient rooms have cable TV?
Yes, we offer Comcast cable – and some rooms have newer flat screen TVs.

Do the rooms have VCRs or DVD players?
No. You are welcome to bring your own portable DVD player.

Where is the Saint Thomas Eye Center?
They are located in their own building west of the hospital, behind Taco Bell.

Is there a Pastoral Care Department?
Yes, it is located on the first floor next to Volunteer Services. Our chaplains represent many different faith traditions and can be contacted at extension 6602.

Who can help me with medical directives?
The Ethics Department at extension 6449.

Are children allowed on the patient floors?
Children under 8 years of age are not allowed on the floors or in patient rooms.

Where is the Chest Pain Center?
It is located in the Emergency Department.

Can I make a donation in honor of a specific associate or physician?
Yes, please visit the Foundation Office, near the Patient Discharge Lobby, behind the Gift Shop.

Where is the closest drug store?
The Plaza Pharmacy is located on the second floor of Plaza East. There is also a Walgreens across the street.

Where is the closest hotel?
We have an on-site hotel for patients, The Inn at Saint Thomas, and for visitors, Seton Lodge. Please check availability and rates at the information desks. Off site, there are several brand name hotels on White Bridge Road, less than 3 miles from the hospital.

Is smoking allowed anywhere on campus?
No, we are a smoke and tobacco free campus.

Is there a Notary Public on site?
Yes, call extension 6449.