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Saint Thomas West Hospital

Pastoral Care


Welcome to Pastoral Care at Saint Thomas West

Saint Thomas West Hospital
Pastoral Care Department
(615) 222.6602
4220 Harding Pike
Nashville, TN 37205
Saint Thomas Health Pastoral Care

pastoralcare-22Who We Are
The Saint Thomas Health pastoral care department is a group of dedicated APC/NACC Board-Certified chaplains, Clinical Pastoral Education students, and trained pastoral care volunteers from various faith traditions who serve throughout the entire system. At Saint Thomas West we have three staff chaplains, including a priest, who serve alongside our students and volunteers. As a department, we strive to minister to the spiritual and emotional needs of patients, families, and staff. We promote the dignity of persons through our mission-driven ministry and patient-centered care. We are advocates for those in our care and strive to support their goals, wishes, and wholeness.

Meet our Staff


What We Offer
  • pastoralcare-24Visitation and support for patients and families coping with an illness, difficult diagnosis, crisis, rehabilitation, and/or grief and loss
  • Support for a wide variety of spiritual, cultural, and religious needs including the sacramental needs of various traditions
  • Presence and support at a time of physical or spiritual crisis
  • Presence and support when representatives from one's faith community are unavailable
  • Spiritual and emotional support and conversation

Catholic Ministries
pastoralcare-25Catholic Mass is celebrated Monday through Friday at 11:30am, and Sunday at 10:00 am. Tune in to channel 39 at these times if you are unable to leave your room.
  • Catholic sacramental ministry is available 24/7 through the PBX operator at (615) 222-2111. 
  • Eucharistic ministry is provided on a daily basis.
  • Priestly visitation is available for emergencies and upon request.
Contact Us
Patients and families may contact our department by calling (615) 222-6602 or by dialing 6602 from a patient’s room. Additionally, staff may make a referral upon patient or family request.
Hours of Service
Monday – Friday: 7:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8:30am – 5:00pm
On-call chaplains are available after-hours for emergencies. They may be contacted through the house supervisor. Please contact your nursing staff for this service.