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Saint Thomas West Hospital

Maps and Directions

Saint Thomas West Hospital
4220 Harding Pike
Nashville, TN 37205

Provided for your convenience are downloadable and printable maps of Saint Thomas West Hospital, the hospital campus, and the surrounding area and interstates. All maps include legends making for the easy location of your destination. Simply click a map's link to automatically begin the download process.

PDF versions of the maps are available below. Also included are written driving instructions from the surrounding vicinities, and campus directions for while you're here.

Getting to Saint Thomas Hospital
This highway map and written driving instructions provide an overview of the Nashville highway system and the location of Saint Thomas West Hospital.
Hospital Campus
The hospital's main entrances, parking lots, and garages are indicated on these maps. The written instructions can help you find your way around while you're here.

Construction Update

New construction has changed the flow of the admission through discharge process for our patients and their families and visitors.

  • Patient Admitting and Registration will be moved from its current location in the East Plaza to the newly constructed area across from the Seton Garage effectively turning the entrance to the hospital 180 degrees (please see map.)
  • Valet services will be added at the Seton Garage for procedural patients and families. These visitors will now enter the hospital via the crosswalk from the Seton Garage.
  • The traditional Patient Discharge/Pick-Up area will still be used for inpatients and as a Main Entrance to the hospital for patients on foot or dropped off by a driver (Main Entrance on map).
  • Same Day Surgery patients will be discharged on the ground floor of the new Patient Admitting and Registration area (Patient Pick-Up on the map) past the S&E Building canopy on the ring road.
  • Exterior directional signage will be adjusted to reflect these changes. Hospital patients and visitors will be directed to enter the campus via the Bosley Springs entrance. Emergency, Saint Thomas Heart, and Medical Plaza patients and visitors will be directed to the Harding Road Entrance. Lastly, the west portion of the ring road will be reopened for one way traffic to exit the campus via Harding Road.
  • The Patient and Family Waiting Area for surgical patients will be moving from its temporary location in the former A/B Classrooms to the 2nd floor of the new addition.