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Saint Thomas Stones River Hospital

Advance Directives

Your health is precious. So is your right to make your own decisions regarding your health. Unfortunately, situations and conditions can arise that leave one unable to make decisions or to relate their wishes about treatment preferences. Advance Directives make it possible for you to communicate the treatment choices you would want made in case such a medical crisis ever was to occur – for example, if you were a victim in a terrible automobile accident or if you developed an illness that affected your ability to rationalize or communicate normally. It allows you to plan ahead and let your loved ones and medical staff know what you would want done.

No matter what your age or current health status it is important to take the time to consider your options and make choices by filling out some short forms.

Visit the Advance Directives Section on the Tennessee State Web Site to be able to access the forms you will need to complete an Advance Care Plan or for the Appointment of a Healthcare Agent.