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Saint Thomas Stones River Hospital

Saint Thomas Stones River Hospital


Saint Thomas Stones River Hospital is located in Woodbury, TN. Woodbury is in Cannon County which lies almost exactly in the center of Tennessee, approximately half way between Chattanooga and Nashville.

This area of Tennessee has an in-depth historical background. Woodbury is close to many larger cities. Nashville, TN is just over 1 hour from town. Closer cities include Murfreesboro, TN and McMinnville, TN. Shopping, good schools, and recreational areas are not far away.

Our Local History

Around 1806, when settlers first came to the area along the Stones River that later became Woodbury, the tiny settlement had no name. It was finally named “Woodville” in 1815. On February 25, 1827, the name was changed to “Danville”. Then, in 1836, it was chosen as the County Seat for the new county and was renamed Woodbury, in honor of Levi Woodbury, the Secretary of the Treasury under President Andrew Jackson. In 1836, the town had a population of probably no more than 100.

Major battles of the Civil War took place near the community in the 1860’s.