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Saint Thomas River Park Hospital



Saint Thomas River Park provided quality patient care!

testimonial2It seems the only time we read about Saint Thomas River Park Hospital is when there is something negative to report. This is very unfortunate.

McMinnville is very blessed to have such a high-quality hospital. My 91-year-old mother has been a patient there for two weeks. During this time we have been pleased with every aspect of her care.

She had a stroke and was unable to use her right arm and required maximum assistance to walk. After only a couple of days of therapy she was using her right arm and walking with minimum assistance.

The staff makes me feel like a part of the team caring for her and keeps me updated on her progress.

The hospital has a stars program to recognize outstanding staff. I am unable to nominate any one person because there is a galaxy of stars.

Warren County residents need to appreciate the quality facility we have and realize it is no longer necessary to travel out of the county to receive top-notch care.

- Carolyn Weiss, McMinnville

*The above testimonial was written by the daughter of a patient and submitted to a local publication as a letter to the editor.

This is an “Awesome” Hospital

testimonialMatthew Smith spent his last days here. Dr. Lawerence is a wonderful Doctor who really cared for him. He spent time talking to us and tried explaining the things that were going on with Matt.

All the nurses on the 2nd. floor all shifts were excellent. The social workers, Hospice nurse, Dietary, the list goes on and on. I can’t thank all of you enough for the sincerity showing us you really care….this hospital is at the top of my list.

This is the best hospital I have ever come across. The staff at this hospital genuinely cared for the patients and the families. What can I say, everyone I met there made it easier for all of us. Words can’t express what I feel. I am so thankful for all of you being there for Matt and his family. Y’all made things alot easier for us all.

- Brenda K. Smith

No complaints here.

testimonial3I just came home from my first experience as an in-patient at Saint Thomas River Park.

No complaints here.

- Bryan Denton

I would give a 4 star…

testimonial4I would give a 4 star for the staff at Saint Thomas River Park. The nursing staff is great. It is a patient friendly environment.

- Wayne Bumbalough