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Saint Thomas River Park Hospital

Saint Thomas River Park Hospital


Volunteer Services

Would you like to make a difference? Come volunteer at Saint Thomas River Park Hospital! We have a variety of volunteer jobs for men and women of all ages - from delivering gifts to patients, greeting visitors, assisting families in surgery waiting, being at the front information desk to help guide patients and visitors, and much more.
Consider joining our great team and make a difference in our community! Contact Volunteer Services at 931-815-4349.

Volunteer Philosophy
The volunteer program at River Park Hospital is dedicated to providing qualified, well-trained volunteers for appropriate placement in a variety of areas throughout the hospital. Volunteers contribute to the services provided, which add to the comfort, care, and well-being of the patients, their families, the staff, the visitors, and the community. Volunteers assist in supplementing the basic essential services and help the hospital to meet its needs in providing courteous, compassionate, cost-effective patient care. Volunteers have the opportunity to experience the reward of giving of one’s self. Volunteer Services prohibits discrimination based upon age, sex, race, religion, national origin, or disability status.

Volunteer Mission Statement
Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of our community by providing quality, compassionate healthcare in an environment that fosters commitment and pride for our facility and brand.

Volunteer Assignments
Use your unique talents to rise to the challenge by becoming a River Park Hospital Volunteer:

At Our Patient Information Desk…

where volunteers give out information, directions and warm greetings to our visitors.

In Our Patient Care Units…

where volunteers deliver mail, newspapers, and flowers and assist and act as messengers, transporters and patient advocates.

In Our Surgery Waiting Area…

where volunteers are a vital link between surgery, recovery, and the family members, and provide hospital information and a listening ear to friends and family members.

In our ICU and ER Waiting Areas…

where volunteers serve as a hospitality hostess for families waiting in this area.

Or perhaps…

one of the several other assignments will be just for you. If you have a special skill or interest to share, like clerical, computer, or craft skills, let us know. A personalized interview will be scheduled to help determine what position will be best suited for you.