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Saint Thomas Highlands Hospital

Saint Thomas Highlands Hospital


Volunteer Services

Each day at Saint Thomas Highlands Hospital, our volunteers play a vital role in the healing process of our patients. These special people freely offer their time in order to help others. They provide many extra services that allow our staff to focus on patient care.

What does a volunteer do?

  • Deliver flowers

  • Deliver mail

  • Transport patients by wheelchair to other areas of the hospital

  • Assist patients in leaving the hospital at the time of discharge

  • Deliver supplies to departments

  • Clerical duties as requested by departments

  • Assist with special hospital functions and events

  • Perform other duties requested that can be helpful to staff, patients and visitors

What are the benefits of being a volunteer?

  • Make new friends

  • Grow in understanding

  • Use your many talents

  • Develop new interests

  • Enjoy the deep satisfaction that comes with helping others

If you are interested in Volunteer Services at Saint Thomas Highlands Hospital, please click here.