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Nashville and Centerville

Foundation Requests for Patient Assistance
The patient assistance programs of the Foundation are guided by the teachings of Saint Louise de Marillac and Saint Vincent de Paul who taught us to serve all persons as we would serve Christ. In doing so, we seek to provide the same quality and level of care to each individual without discrimination.

The Foundation has funds that provide us with the primary means to employ these teachings; however, the funds available to provide such support are limited. Therefore, we must be diligent in our stewardship of these funds in order to provide the optimum support for the greatest number of patients.

In general, the Foundation can provide assistance to patients that may need medication, medical equipment and short term lodging. This list is not inclusive of all ways the Foundation can help our patients.

To request assistance for a patient:
  • A Foundation Request Form should be completed and signed by the appropriate level of authority before being submitted to Carol Duncan Loftis at clduncan@ascension.org
  • The request should include a memo explaining the need for funds, this is especially important when a patient needs assistance yet does not pass the PARO guidelines for assistance.

Applications and instructions for Foundation Request are coming soon...

Sister Juliana Beuerlein Employee Assistance Program
In recognition of Sister Juliana Beuerlein’s leadership as Chief Executive Officer of Saint Thomas Hospital from 1981 to 1989, the Foundation established a fund to assist employees of Saint Thomas Health in times of need.

Applications are accepted at each location below:
  • West - Susan Fussel, (615) 222-6602
  • Midtown - Andrew Ochs, (615) 284-5258
  • Hickman - Jennifer Harris, (931) 729-1941
  • Saint Thomas Medical Partners - Andrew Ochs, (615) 284-5258
To receive assistance, associates must:
  • Be regularly scheduled for a minimum of 32 hours per week
  • Employed by any of the entities of Saint Thomas Health or of our service partner, Touchpoint
  • Demonstrate of temporary need through the completion of this application and supporting documentation, including copies of last two paystubs
  • Not have exceeded the annual or lifetime limits of assistance

Applications and instructions are coming soon...

The mission of the Foundation is to advance the caring ministry and medical excellence of our respective hospitals by raising and distributing funds for research, education, charity and capital programs. Our scholarship program is one way we live out the educational component of our mission. Thanks to the contributions of donors, we can assist associates as they work to achieve their educational goals. Our scholarship funds are made available by generous donors who have specific educational goals and interests. Each fund is governed by guidelines established by the donor.

Associates must:
  • Be employed by Saint Thomas Health prior to March 1 for a fall semester award and prior to August 1 for a spring semester award
  • Be accepted into an approved and accredited academic program at the time of scholarship distribution
  • Complete the application (inclusive of recommendations, submission of any required transcripts or proof of admission) and turn it in by submission deadlines
  • Demonstrate some basis of financial need as evidenced in your application 

Applications for 2018 scholarships are now closed. It will reopen in Spring 2019 and information will be communicated at that time.

Conferences and Seminars

The Foundation supports continuing education for employees and provides opportunities to further enhance their skills.

Employees may receive one grant per calendar year. This is done through reimbursement of approved expenses.

Please be aware that you must follow Saint Thomas Health’s Accountable Plan, SP-16 when traveling.