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Preparing for Your Interview

Saint Thomas Health wants every applicant to be comfortable during their interview. To assist our candidates, we have listed some helpful steps when preparing for an interview.

Scheduled Time
Be on time for your scheduled interview. This is a good first impression and illustrates responsibility.

Dress Code
Dress according to the position for which you are applying. Appearance is always important for an interview and appropriate attire reflects a professional image.

Think about the questions you may have prior to the interview and bring those questions with you. You will always have an opportunity to ask questions during the interview.

Interview Length
Each interview lasts approximately one hour.

It is always helpful to bring the following items with you during the interview:
  • Diploma or Degree (depending on the position)
  • References – includes contact name(s), addresses, and telephone number(s)
  • License(s) or Certifications
  • Updated resume (optional)

Please make sure that your cell phone is turned off during the interview and that you have allotted enough time for your interview.

For more information, download the following documents: