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Allied Health Careers

Saint Thomas Health offers a variety of opportunities in the Allied Health fields that provide you with the right fit to meet your specialty and career development needs. Healthcare professionals that join our family tend to stay. It's not uncommon to meet a staff member who's been with us for 10, 20 - even 30 years. That's careers for LIFE.

Whether you're a pharmacist, occupational therapist, medical technologist or an ultrasonographer, we have opportunities for you to enjoy a rewarding career at the area's largest faith-based healthcare system.

Medical Imaging

Saint Thomas Health offers many different working opportunities in Medical Imaging such as PET, diagnostic radiology, mammography, CT, nuclear medicine, ultrasound/vascular ultrasound, and MRI.

Our medical imaging departments unite to create an exceptional clinical success rate along with state of the art technology that is second to none in the area. The wide arrays of imaging services we provide give our technicians the opportunity to advance to other modalities to continue personal and professional growth.


Saint Thomas Health offers many exciting opportunities in Inpatient, Retail, Nuclear, Neonatal Intensive Care and Operating Room Satellites.

The Pharmacy departments at Saint Thomas Health provide world-class, comprehensive service to patients, physicians and staff. Our team of pharmacists and technicians is dedicated to working collaboratively with other health care professionals to educate patients and deliver safe, prompt and accurate medications. Our team is involved in all aspects of drug therapy - drug selection, dosing, route of administration and duration of treatment - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Respiratory Care

Respiratory practitioners are an integral part of the Saint Thomas Health care team. They work closely with physicians and nursing personnel in maintaining physiological homeostasis in the patient. Working with the Laboratory department, they ensure that point of care testing, which they perform, meets quality control standards established by the Laboratory's regulatory boards.

All services provided by the Respiratory Care Department are provided by Respiratory Care Practitioners that are licensed by the State of Tennessee. The scope of care is quite comprehensive, including both therapeutic and diagnostic services to both inpatients and outpatients.

Services include:

  • Therapeutic
  • Aerosol Therapy
  • Chest Physiotherapy
  • Bronchodilator Therapy
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Suctioning
  • Airway Management
  • Surfactant Replacement Therapy
  • Continuous Ventilatory Care
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
  • Emergency Resuscitation Delivery And Code Team
  • Patient and Family Education
  • Diagnostic
  • Arterial Puncture
  • Point of Care Analysis
  • Capnography
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Peak Flow
  • Spontaneous Parameters
  • Patient Assessment
  • Oxygen Titration Studies
  • Metabolic Testing
  • Cardiopulmonary Stress Testing
  • Baseline Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Complete pulmonary Function Testing

Rehab Services

Saint Thomas Health provides the opportunity for a career in both inpatient and outpatient rehab settings. The diagnoses treated most frequently are Orthopedic Disorder/Injuries, Neurological Impairment, Musculoskeletal Disorders, and Lymphedema.

Inpatient services are provided with any of the following diagnoses: Neurological Impairment, Orthopedic Disorder/Injury, Musculoskeletal Disorder, Open Wound, Cardiac Disease, Pulmonary Disease, Lymphedema, or any other physically limiting disorder. Outpatient services are provided as above for adults. Outpatient services for children are limited to basic neurological, orthopedic disorders and wound care, at the Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital and Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital facilities only.


The main Laboratories at each of our facilities are staffed seven days a week, twenty-four hours per day.

Laboratory staff includes personnel at many different levels: phlebotomists, computer operators, customer service personnel, clerical personnel, billing personnel, medical laboratory technicians, medical technologists, histotechnologists, cytotechnologists, supervisors, section heads, management staff, and pathologists.

Medical laboratory technicians (MLT), medical technologists (MT), cytotechnologists, and pathologists are required to have a Tennessee license to practice. All cytotechnologists are certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists and have a baccalaureate degree. The majority of MLT's have associate degrees and national certification, while the majority of MT's have baccalaureate degrees and national certification.

The Laboratory serves hospital in-patients in all patient care and surgical areas (including pre-admission), Emergency Department patients, outpatients for many areas, and health screening "patients." The department also performs reference laboratory testing for physician offices, laboratories, and other clients.

The Laboratory provides diagnostic, therapeutic, and health assessment testing. The customer service needs of the Laboratory include, but are not limited to, specimen collection and processing; performance of laboratory analyses on blood, tissue, and body fluids; provision of blood products; reporting of data; and consultation. Laboratory testing is provided on both a routine and a stat basis, depending on patient care needs. Core Lab (Chemistry and Hematology), Microbiology, Immunology, Blood Bank, Urinalysis, Anatomic Pathology, and Cytopathology services are provided on site. All testing is performed in the main Laboratory. The Laboratory currently performs a wide variety of routine clinical and anatomical tests on site.