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About Us

Saint Thomas/Nashville CPE Partnership


Welcome to the Saint Thomas/Nashville CPE Partnership. We are a multi-site, fully accredited CPE program in Nashville, Tennessee.  From hospitals to hospice, pediatrics to geriatrics, urban ministry to retirement communities, we offer a wide range of pastoral experiences to better enhance learning and pastoral growth.

  • Programs
    We offer Resident, Summer Internship, and Extended Unit programs in all of our institutions. From part-time to full-time, more options means deeper learning.
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  • Placements
    Having different institutions enables learning from different contexts and in different ways.  You will hear from all the other students and be able to learn from their experiences as well as your own. 
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  • Clinical Educators
    We are proud to offer fully accredited, highly trained clinical educators so you can be sure that your work will be recognized in any academic setting or ordination process.
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