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Saint Thomas Joint Replacement Institute

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Joint pain hurts the most when it keeps you from enjoying simple things like walking, pedaling a bike and spending valuable time with your family. Ultimately, it's your quality of life that is the determining factor to having joint replacement surgery. If your joint pain has affected your ability to enjoy life at its fullest, then it may be time to consider joint replacement surgery.

The dedicated joint replacement surgeons of the Saint Thomas Joint Replacement Institute in Nashville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee proudly perform more than twice as many joint related procedures than all other hospitals in the market. Our orthopedic specialists have the experience and expertise to treat your joint pain. Each year our surgeons perform thousands of joint procedures, employing the latest advancements in surgical techniques and technologies to ensure patients return to normal activity as quickly as possible.

Joint Replacement Options:

Treatment Locations:

Saint Thomas Midtown

2000 Church St.
Nashville, TN 37236

Saint Thomas Rutherford
1700 Medical Center Parkway
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Saint Thomas West
4220 Harding Rd.
Nashville, TN 37205

Saint Thomas Hospital for Specialty Surgery
2011 Murphy Ave., Suite 400
Nashville, TN 37203

Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting of the Saint Thomas Joint Replacement Center at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital

In The News

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A New Beginning

Total joint replacement surgeries in Middle Tennessee have increased by 23 percent during the last five years, and projections indicate that they will continue to increase another 18 percent over during the five years. To meet this need, our $25 million investment on the Saint Thomas Midtown campus now houses the Saint Thomas Joint Replacement Institute, the premier joint replacement program in Middle Tennessee.

Saint Thomas Health has been working with a number of joint replacement and orthopedic providers in developing the Institute model for an enhanced joint replacement experience.

Our joint replacement program is the largest in the region and is consistently ranked among the best in the nation. Through this Institute, we will maintain our leadership in hip replacement, knee replacement and shoulder replacement.

Same Day Discharge

Thanks to advancements in modern medicine, some joint replacement patients can now have their joint replacement surgery and go home on the same day. Same-day Discharge, or Fast Track program, means that patients experience their joint replacement surgery early in the morning, have an accelerated physical therapy session a couple hours after surgery and then can go home later that afternoon if they meet certain safety and mobility criteria. Same-day Discharge for joint replacement patients is an option for many healthy patients but only occurs if the patient, the family and the surgeon feel it is appropriate. Patients can always change their mind after surgery and stay in the hospital if needed. Speak with your Saint Thomas Joint Replacement Institute surgeon if you are interested in the Same-day Discharge program.

Physical Therapy for Joint Replacement

As a Saint Thomas Health joint replacement patient, you will begin physical therapy soon after surgery. Physical therapists work with each patient individually in their room, and once you are mobile, we provide group physical therapy in the in-house gym.

Once a patient is discharged from inpatient rehabilitation, the Saint Thomas Outpatient Rehabilitation clinics are ready to pick up where the inpatient therapist left off. Outpatient clinics are conveniently located throughout the Middle Tennessee region and staffed by physical, occupational and speech therapists. Each center provides the staff and tools needed to ensure a full recovery from any joint replacement. For more information, call (615) 284-PT4U (7848).



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